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Discrimination or Good Business?

This announcement is proudly display at the bottom of job posting.
Effective August 1, 2011, Saint Luke’s Health System no longer hires individuals who use tobacco products. By submitting this Application for Employment, you represent and agree (1) you do not currently use any tobacco product and (2) if employed by the System, you will not during that employment use any tobacco product. Use of a tobacco product during employment with the System is grounds for immediate termination of employment.
Although tobaaco is a legal substance in the USA, it has been identified as a major source of rising health care cost and descreased productivity in the workplace. Surely that gives credibility to this type of employment policy.

Fire this…a change in industry.

Fire up new pathway:

Consider groups of genius workers doing meaning work they care about yet not driven by money but by purpose. If you could work with genius in this way around your passion endeavors, what would change or have to change in the system of that industry to have the kind of impact that Google or Wikipedia has had on the world?


  1. Get a pen and paper or a blank doc ready.
  2. Clear out your head of what you know you know
  3. Watch the video (probably twice)
  4. Resist the urge to argue a point or be right
  5. SKILLFORCERY: Allow what you image and hear as possible to bubble up and lay that vision on the page.
  6. Be audacious and show 5 people this page then thrash the idea

Post what happened below. Resist the urge to argue, make right or wrong the idea, and critique using big mind not small ego. Asking questions is a positive sign that you are skillforcing. Be moved – create now!

An emerging new industry

Take note. Be advise.You are on notice.

A fresh global industry is emerging and you must SHIFT your mind first if you intend to impact of your prosperity in this industry no matter what you do for a living.

Watch the video below but only if

1) you are not sensitive about brutal street language

2) you are prepared to be awakened to a new reality

Enjoy and Comment.

The Future of Work – TIME

Are you prepared? If you educate or lead young people, are telling them the truth? Are you well informed about the truth? The truth about work must becoming our common ground.

Time Magazine ran a descent series on the Future of Work in May 2009. This intro statement rings true, right?

Ten years ago, Facebook didn’t exist. Ten years before that, we didn’t have the Web. So who knows what jobs will be born a decade from now? Though unemployment is at a 25‑year high, work will eventually return. But it won’t look the same. No one is going to pay you just to show up. We will see a more flexible, more freelance, more collaborative and far less secure work world. It will be run by a generation with new values — and women will increasingly be at the controls.

I recommend spending some time in study of the facts, figures and stories reported here.

The New Work Order

  1. The Way We’ll Work
  2. High Tech, High Touch, High Growth
  3. Training Managers to Behave
  4. The Search for the Next Perk
  5. We’re Getting Off the Ladder
  6. Why Boomers Can’t Quit
  7. Women Will Rule Business
  8. It Will Pay to Save the Planet
  9. When Gen X Runs the Show
  10. Yes, We’ll Still Make Stuff
  11. The Last Days of Cubicle Life

You are responsible for what you know and how you lead others based on what you know. Get informed. Get engaged. Learn more.

Skills Journey

Skills Journey.  These guys are Doing Skill Development Right!

Why SKILLFORCERY? What’s in for you?

Branding guru William Arruda sets the stage for why SKILLFORCERY is linking you up with what’s fresh and important about the new SKILLFORCE  ~ A We Workforce.

Click then Explore More SKILLFORCERY!

The SKILLFORCE Nation Project lifts the We Workforce!

Love Technology But not IT?

Technology is a hot! The future craves a constant supply of technology wizards and workers. Well it’s not all network, PCs and geeky men gathering around information. The field of technology is deep and wide, penetrating every industry. But the hottest industries for technology in the near future are in the science and engineering fields.

Click out Pathways to Technology – Tech Fields to check a modern career in the technology field.

Sears Holding Corp Responds to their Tribe

…not just the job applicant. This is doing things right!

The automated response page below demonstrates that this company gets it.  A smart leader at Sears Holding understands that people responding to their job ads are potentially part of their tribe. So the company INVITES A DEEPER CONNECTION to their brand by sending a well-designed message instead of the usual automated thank you response to job applicants who take the time to complete their ‘on-line resume submission process’.

How’d they do that?

  • By demonstrating respect  i.e. giving what you want first.
  • Then makes an offer to “show our appreciation” (highlighted in red text).
  • Then extends several invitations to join, shop and connect with the brand not just the Sears Holding Corporation (notice the brand logos under the signature line).
  • Ends with an invitation to donate to a cause they believe in.
Using a “Calling all tribe members” approach at every touch point is definitely Doing it Right

Modern application resopnse

Visual CV • Fresh but safely endorses status quo

Millions of folks are actively engaged in the Job Hunter Game today.  Career and resume advice abounds from everywhere, everyday and for every level of the game.  Most of that advice is relevant and valuable.

  • Resumes must be well-written and error free
  • Focus on accomplishments not duty list or vague descriptors
  • Submit tailored versions for each job advertised
  • and on and on

Check out this advice from Visual CV, a virtual resume site where you can create a rich digital profile rather than a flat text document.

Despite the power punch of video, graphics, audio files, and other add-ons, don’t make the mistake of thinking these can take the place of a well-written resume. The traditional resume, while it continues to evolve, is far from dead and is an essential element in your job search and career management.

OK, I realize that’s still true but it hurt a bit to find it so clearly stated on one of the most advant guard sites I’ve ever seen.  Seriously, I can’t wait for this statement to stop being true.

The traditional resume and all the antiquated ways we use them needs to die.

Tool Set 2009 : eLearning Technology

Check out these links and ideas about eLearning trends in this article by Tony Karrer of TechEmpower.

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