~ Firing new pathways about work


sfn1 Partnering to promote a viable, skill-proficient, easily accessible workforce,
now called SkillForce,
is at the heart of The SkillForce Alliance.

This first draft image attempts to communicate at a glance the primary mission of  the Skillforce Alliance (formally SkillForce Nation Project).

This mission is to promote work partners instead of employees; to re-define you as a Value Asset on the balance sheet and to eradicate the pervasive use of the resume‘ as the primary marketing tool for your prosperity in the workplace.

The job and work marketplace is all about matching up then hooking up for prosperity and growth.

Throughout the industrialized age of the 20th century workers hooked up with local factories and  businesses then with professional &/or educational institutions in order to define the livlihood that would support their families and carve out thier share of the American Dream.

That age has past.

The worker’s share of the American Dream has been monopolized by industry to yield the lion’s share for itself far too long.  The 21st century worker must be re-defined as a Value Asset rather than a labor cost. We must re-draft the work partnership paradigm in order to sustain a healthy and prosperous 21st century global economy that supports everyone in the community.

Building ‘A New Alliance‘, a community of work partnerships based on leveraging skill proficiencies, aptitudes and network connections instead of pedigrees and chronological job experience is at the center of this innovation.

JOB SECURITY AND LONGEVITY IS A DEAD 20th century REALITY.  Defining yourself within The SkillForce Alliance is your next learning opportunity for greater prosperity and security.

Designing the learnscape at SKILLFORCERY is simply a beginning step. The THE SKILLFORCE ALLIANCE is at hand.  Let’s build tomorrow together. Let’s start today.


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