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Moving beyond Education 2.0

John W. Moravec, PhD is using language like Education 3.0 and human capitol development to share ideas, concerns and innovations about the future of education at Education Futures

Like many futurist and educational innovators of our day, John  is doing a great job of encapsulating the issues, hot topics and challenges and of out-picturing them so that we understand these things better.  One look at the chart below demonstrates this skill.

But I am still looking for his MAP to the new world.

I have not yet found his actionable steps for educational reform.  He has articulated a grand vision of Education 3.0 which intrigues me and satisfies my hunger pangs for visioning and languaging what the next incarnation of education and learning SHOULD look like.  But to date,  his site has offered us no menu for action steps or map for our journey into this new world.

Our quest continues.

I lifted this chart from an article called   Education Futures – Moving beyond Education 2.0.

Education 1.0

Education 2.0

Education 3.0

Meaning is… Dictated Socially constructed Socially constructed and contextually reinvented
Technology is… Confiscated at the classroom door (digital refugees) Cautiously adopted (digital immigrants) Everywhere (digital universe)
Teaching is done … Teacher to student Teacher to student and student to student (progressivism) Teacher to student, student to student, student to teacher, people-technology-people (co-constructivism)
Schools are located… In a building (brick) In a building or online (brick and click) Everywhere (thoroughly infused into society: cafes, bowling alleys, bars, workplaces, etc.)
Parents view schools as… Daycare Daycare A place for them to learn, too
Teachers are… Licensed professionals Licensed professionals Everybody, everywhere
Hardware and software in schools… Are purchased at great cost and ignored Are open source and available at lower cost Are available at low cost and are used purposely
Industry views graduates as… Assembly line workers As ill-prepared assembly line workers in a knowledge economy As co-workers or entrepreneurs

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