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I read this article which does a nice job of framing Life Skills learning opportunities inside project-based lessons and education. But the comment posted below truly inspires me to hold on for what’s possible, what’s next and what’s happening now!

Geometry project

Submitted by Amy Thomas not verified on 5/11/09.

My students did a project in 9/10 grade Geometry this semester where they had to design the layout of streets in a fictional town. The project was connected to our study of the angles formed by parallel lines and transversals. They were required to place different buildings in the town at, for example, alternate interior angles.

On day two of the project, the students were given “building code changes” from the “city council”. They had to hold to the same deadline, but had to adapt their design to these unexpected changes.

Once their projects were complete, they had to write individual letters to the city manager explaining the reasoning behind placing the streets and buildings precisely where they chose. They also had to address the “city budget cuts” by telling who from their team should be “fired” and why. They walked away from this project with so much more than just an understanding of the geometry involved!


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