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Visual CV • Fresh but safely endorses status quo

Millions of folks are actively engaged in the Job Hunter Game today.  Career and resume advice abounds from everywhere, everyday and for every level of the game.  Most of that advice is relevant and valuable.

  • Resumes must be well-written and error free
  • Focus on accomplishments not duty list or vague descriptors
  • Submit tailored versions for each job advertised
  • and on and on

Check out this advice from Visual CV, a virtual resume site where you can create a rich digital profile rather than a flat text document.

Despite the power punch of video, graphics, audio files, and other add-ons, don’t make the mistake of thinking these can take the place of a well-written resume. The traditional resume, while it continues to evolve, is far from dead and is an essential element in your job search and career management.

OK, I realize that’s still true but it hurt a bit to find it so clearly stated on one of the most advant guard sites I’ve ever seen.  Seriously, I can’t wait for this statement to stop being true.

The traditional resume and all the antiquated ways we use them needs to die.


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