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Sears Holding Corp Responds to their Tribe

…not just the job applicant. This is doing things right!

The automated response page below demonstrates that this company gets it.  A smart leader at Sears Holding understands that people responding to their job ads are potentially part of their tribe. So the company INVITES A DEEPER CONNECTION to their brand by sending a well-designed message instead of the usual automated thank you response to job applicants who take the time to complete their ‘on-line resume submission process’.

How’d they do that?

  • By demonstrating respect  i.e. giving what you want first.
  • Then makes an offer to “show our appreciation” (highlighted in red text).
  • Then extends several invitations to join, shop and connect with the brand not just the Sears Holding Corporation (notice the brand logos under the signature line).
  • Ends with an invitation to donate to a cause they believe in.
Using a “Calling all tribe members” approach at every touch point is definitely Doing it Right

Modern application resopnse


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