~ Firing new pathways about work

Fire this…a change in industry.

Fire up new pathway:

Consider groups of genius workers doing meaning work they care about yet not driven by money but by purpose. If you could work with genius in this way around your passion endeavors, what would change or have to change in the system of that industry to have the kind of impact that Google or Wikipedia has had on the world?


  1. Get a pen and paper or a blank doc ready.
  2. Clear out your head of what you know you know
  3. Watch the video (probably twice)
  4. Resist the urge to argue a point or be right
  5. SKILLFORCERY: Allow what you image and hear as possible to bubble up and lay that vision on the page.
  6. Be audacious and show 5 people this page then thrash the idea

Post what happened below. Resist the urge to argue, make right or wrong the idea, and critique using big mind not small ego. Asking questions is a positive sign that you are skillforcing. Be moved – create now!


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2 thoughts on “Fire this…a change in industry.

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  2. Hi Karen. I’d not seen this video before – really good (both content and visualisation). I love it when people can draw this simply and this well. Visual explanation of complex problems is really cool. Follow the passion – have a purpose! Great message. P

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