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Karen’s Story

I’m a a poet, philosopher, creative innovator, writer, and futurist who successfully created value in her field of skills-training and business development for almost 20 years. I’ve also stumbled over pot holes like sudden lay-offs, stubborn status quo conservatism, and antiquated ideology during my career. This ignited a fierce passion for the emerging SkillForce ~workers who own their talent and rent their contributions.

I share a keen sense of hope with today’s luminaries about the gifts and talents the Millennial generation is bringing to change our world. The SkillForce Nation Project is a workforce campaign to create a WE consciousness in today’s Labor Markets. This fresh consciousness called the SkillForce Paradigm has the potential to free our future workforce from the injustice and hypocrisy of irrelevant 20th century work paradigms.

The SkillForce Paradigm and a Nation of Skilled talent is coming and will change the world of work forever. We not only encourage but invite you to join this revolution. Our livelihoods depend on it.

SKILLFORCERY  is the cyberspot where the founder of  SkillForce Nation creates synergy around a fresh 21st century work world paradigm.

The SkillForce Nation project story began with frustration ~ primarily mine and then everyone I talk to.

I’m a talented self-directed learner. “I got skills”. I know some cool stuff but much of what I know doesn’t fit neatly onto a flat, one-page, black and white, text -driven document. Even the small digital boxes offered by over-crowded, noisy resume’ repositories fail to provide enough space for me to effectively market myself as ‘Talent’. I believe my worth as a skilled talent is anchored by what I’ve done (history) but it is increased by what I can do and what I plan to do.

Workers like me lack a place of their own to market rather than advertise themselves as workforce Talent (not labor). This frustration lead me to ask few simple but provocative questions in September of 2008.

Soon the frustration lead to a big idea! The current workforce lacks security and protection in the workplace. The emerging skillforce will not tolerate the one-sided employment offers that serve to dis-empower and hack their skills and talents for the benefit of corporate prosperity.

The time has come for a fresh agreement ~ a new partnership between worker and the work. It is time for the skillforce to drive the market and take ownership in the workplaces of the 21st century.


Because corporate America has little more than money to offer and I want more than money!

Don’t You?

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